Thursday, June 29, 2006


woke this mornin feelin lonely
woke this mornin all alone
i'll return to you my lover
in your arms where i am known

i have wandered long from your room
i have wandered far from home
please forgive me, i'll come quickly
back to you my precious one

now the sun hangs high above me
riverside i kneel to drink
thoughs of our young love together
wet my tounge and my sorrows sink

as i enter the town of my youth
friendly faces on the main
familiar places seem to wisper
love has brought you home again

evening settles down upon me
walkin down that country lane
a million crickets all procaliming
you'll taste your lover's kiss today

late at night i see your window
i see your house up on the hill
wherfor someone you've left the light on
for me i hope your love burns still

my heart is beating like a drummer
steppin onto your front porch
wonderin if i should have come here
before i knock you open the door

oh, lover, lover I adoroe you
tell me do you love me still
my eyes look down before you answer
allways have and allways will

when you touch me I feel human
when you touch me I'm alive
let our union not be broken
ever with you i'll abide


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