Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dan at the Midnight Cafe

Dan at the Midnight Cafe
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Our selfishness is like a monster living inside of us. It pains us unless we feed it, yet it is never satisfied. In fact the more we feed it the larger its appetite becomes. We harbor and care for this monster from our birth, and unless we know Love –which is its nemesis- we may never know any greater pleasure than feeding the monster to avoid the pain. The degree to which we know love is the degree to which we experience pleasure without obligation to selfishness. Painful as it may be, the monster will eventually die if we starve it. Torturing us from the inside, the monster will wage a battle of will. Love is our only weapon empowering our will to endure pain and starve selfishness rendering it increasingly weaker. In time, Love will endure; because it not the opposite of selfishness, but its antidote.


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