Tuesday, July 25, 2006


"It God's responsibility to forgive BinLaden, it ours to help him make that apointment." USMC

seriously, thats what it said. aparently whoever thinks of slogans for the Marines has never actually read the Bible.

"War is not ProLife"

I like this one, despite the fact that its drenched in popular liberalism. Think about it for a second. When did we randomly decide that the Bible teaches double standard? Certainly when Jesus said all that stuff about loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you he just meant other Christians; the people we see on Sunday morning. What he forgot to mention is what we all know, that a government should never be run acording to his teaching because we would be invaded, our houses burnt and our cars stolen. Either Jesus forgot to mention this double standard or maybe he's just not to be taken so literally. i mean he's a great guy and all and he can get you in heaven, but he doen't really understand how things work in the real world.
do you realize how insane this is? do you not think Jesus was particularly bright? he is GOD. he knows everything. Can we trust him with our cars, our houses, our country? I think the better question is, would we willingly give up all these things in a second if he asked us too?
what does the the United States of America hope to gain by securing its place as the world's leading superpower? Certainly not the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


most famous of the dinosaurs
greco name means thunder lizard
a herbivore grazing planes
digestion aided by a gizzard

you may have traveled once in herds
nomadic clans of the jurasic
enormous tails swung in defense
gentle giant dino classic

in movies longneck Little Foot
you set our saurus loving hearts aglow
Transformers' Sludge the Dinobot
and in song by ELO

originally a fabrication
by Othniel Marsh in presumptuous haste
a borrowed skull from Camarasaurus
to lead the paleontologist's race

some say you're really Aptosaurus
and these men of science may ignore us
but your fans will express in chourus
to us you're allways Brontosaurus

Friday, July 07, 2006

R.I.P. Waylon Jennings Starcher

Yesterday, Waylon Jennings Starcher left this world to live in some special place God has prepared for his creatures. A recurring bladder obstruction made it necessary for him to have an expensive surgery that still could never guarantee his permanent well being. The difficult decision to put him to sleep was made by his mom, Jessica Starcher. Please, keep her in your prayers during this difficult time. Waylon was loved and remembered for his affectionate disposition and his insatiable appetite for attention; his thumbs, and his crossed eyes. He was the first cat I ever loved as if he were my own. We will miss you Baby.

Please feel free to leave you thoughts and prayers as comments to this post.

one word for...

A Beatles Moment
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these lists are fun and often revealing. This one was lifted from word on
the street is

yourself = known
your partner = unknown
your hair = faux-hawk
your mother = stable
your father = gentle
your favorite item = larrivee
your dream last night = interesting
your favorite drink = ale
your dream home = concrete
room you're in = mine
your pleasure = creating
your fear = failure
where you want to be in 10 years = there
who you hung out with last night = sammy
what you're not = finished
your best friends = empowering
one wish list item = 30d
your gender = boy
the last thing you did = showered
the last thing you ate = bagel
your life = ascending
the last person you talked to on the phone = pflug
who are you thinking of right now = myself

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dan at the Midnight Cafe

Dan at the Midnight Cafe
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Our selfishness is like a monster living inside of us. It pains us unless we feed it, yet it is never satisfied. In fact the more we feed it the larger its appetite becomes. We harbor and care for this monster from our birth, and unless we know Love –which is its nemesis- we may never know any greater pleasure than feeding the monster to avoid the pain. The degree to which we know love is the degree to which we experience pleasure without obligation to selfishness. Painful as it may be, the monster will eventually die if we starve it. Torturing us from the inside, the monster will wage a battle of will. Love is our only weapon empowering our will to endure pain and starve selfishness rendering it increasingly weaker. In time, Love will endure; because it not the opposite of selfishness, but its antidote.